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Sunday, April 29th 2007

8:27 PM

Gallery Review: Tarryn Teresa Gallery

This blog will now regularly feature gallery reviews and interviews with successful artists and gallery directors.

I went to the famous Bergamot Station in Santa Monica for the first time yesterday. Bergamot Station is one of the best one-stop see art 'till you drop places to go in LA. In addition to the Santa Monica Museum of Art, it also boasts over 25 galleries displaying everything from big name Modern artists to juicy figurative oil paintings to dreamy installation art to pseudo-low brow art.

After wandering into the first gallery I must admit my heart sank.
"Oh no!" I thought, "Please tell me this whole space is not just filled with tired old Lichtensteins and Andy Warhols. I just can't take it anymore! If I see ONE more Modern print..."

And then a light from across the hall beckoned to me. I saw a giant black sign reading
"George Goodridge" and I walked into the Tarryn Teresa Gallery. I was saved!

The space was filled with intriguing sculptural work, fixed to the walls like a scientist's prize collection of beautiful alien chrysalids. Canvas stretched over wood frames is transformed into organic, strangely familiar shapes. The artist George Goodridge recently moved to LA from Miami. Know in Miami for his site-specific installation at the Miami Airport, this show is Goodridge's big debut in California.

It also is a big show for Tarryn Soderberg, owner and director of the gallery, as the gallery only recently opened. One of my greatest delights in going to Bergamot Station yesterday was talking with Tarryn and gallery associate Claressinka Anderson. They were warm, knowledgeable and truly interested in supporting emerging artists of real substance.

I recommend checking this gallery out. Show running until May 26th 2007

Wishing you art success,

Jessica Van Hulle
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